BEWARE - PayPal change of user agreement


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Effective 16 Nov 2016 the following changes come in to effect (there are more, but those are mostly commercial) and these could affect buyers & sellers on here -


PayPal Buyer ProtectionSection 13 is amended to make several amendments to the PayPal Buyer Protection policy as follows:

  1. the following types of transactions are now excluded from coverage of PayPal Buyer Protection (section 13.4a is amended accordingly):
    1. purchases of any interest in a business (including, without limitation, any items or services forming part of a business or corporate acquisition);
    2. purchases of vehicles (including, without limitation, motor vehicles, motorcycles, caravans, aircraft and boats), except for personally portable light vehicles used for recreational purposes like bicycles and wheeled hoverboards;
    3. payments on crowd-funding and/or crowd-lending platforms;
    4. purchases of items equivalent to cash (including, without limitation, stored value items such as gift cards and pre-paid cards);
    5. gambling, gaming and/or any activity involving a chance to win a prize;
    6. payments made in respect of financial products and investments;
    7. payments to state-run bodies, except for state-owned enterprises;
    8. donations; and
    9. purchases of items which you collect in person, or arrange to be collected on your behalf (including at a retail point of sale) and which you claim to be Not Received;

Most will not be particularly relevant but item 2 could be cause for concern and item 9 also, should someone send in a third party courier?

More on the PayPal site.



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If I sell a car it is sold as seen, I don't want someone paying by paypal, driving away in the motor and then claiming all sorts of of problems and paypal then freezing my money! Caveat emptor should always apply to motor vehicles and the buyer should ensure he arranges to have the vehicle checked out before buying.

Read number 9 again, carefully... it is to stop thieving lying twats claiming they haven't received stuff when they have picked it up themselves!!