Bf mud vs bf all terrain


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I've only had bf Goodrich all terrain thinking of Muds this time had anyone any experience of muds are they very noisy is it worth the extra winter grip? Cheers


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If by winter grip you mean wet grass, deep mud etc then yes they are worth it but they will be noisy and less mpg. Their grip on compacted snow, ice and wet roads will however be a lot worse.

Tom D

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Stick with the AT's. The small amount of extra grip is really not worth the ride, noise and mpg. Plus if you tow a lot stopping a heavy trailer in the wet on muds can be interesting. I ran muds for 15 years and now am on AT's, I won't be going back. I run on mud / wet grass most days when I'm tipping off, I haven't really noticed a difference. I have noticed the noise reduction and I get an extra 40 miles out of every tank.


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Key is in the name - sorry, sounds obvious but muds massively out perform ATs in muddy conditions. The tread on ATs (most of them) block very easily with mud and become slicks. Muds are designed to clear much easier. If it's any help regarding noise, I used to find road tyres to ATs was one notch on the stereo but road tyres to muds was 3 notches!

Fan of muds myself as don't do many road miles and prefer the extra grip


ive AT on a discovery for mainly road use and towing , however for mud ect there is no comparison with MUDs i have them on my defender and they are miles better in the mud and soft snow ect , a bit noiser but you dont really notice in a 110 PUMA defender