Bi pod Advice


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£20 more and you get the genuine thing, not worth the heart-ache when the replica breaks or you need spares.


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Couldn't agree more PKL, my shooting buddy purchased a cheaper version a short while ago, he hasn't stopped winging about it from day 1

There are more expensive one's than harris I have two of em and they do what I ask of em. save up the few extra penies and go for a harris they are a good mid range product, alternately keep an eye on the shooting classified adverts, you never know what will turn up


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another vote for Harris , i was told "if you buy cheap, you will buy twice" with bipods, so went for harris from day one and never looked back.

i tried other cheaper models on mates guns but they were of inferior quality and am glad i spent on Harris

Peter Eaton

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I have a harris now but saw this make who claime they have improved on the harris.....maybe i need to see one in the shop? Though I do agree Harris very good but have heard of other makes 'edging in ' now......oh and it certainly wasnt the one I got that weas cheap. I couldnt stop laughing when I bought it, it soon went back!