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Sold: Big Book Sale: Sniping & Marksmanship


Well-Known Member
Hi all,

Due to space restrictions and needing to move often I am having to liquidate my book collection.

I am in Birmingham till the end of the month, Scottish Highlands otherwise.

Postage will be at your cost as it is dependent on your location and preferred delivery method.

Offers accepted if you can collect in person or buy the whole lot.

Secrets of Mental Marksmanship- Slight wear to cover, pages good, excellent book, out of print and ridiculously expensive to buy online £50SAM_1315.JPG

The British Sniper: A Century of Evolution - Slight wear to dust cover, pages and book excellent. Signed copy, number 319/2000. £60SAM_1300.JPGSAM_1301.JPG

The British Sniper: British &Commonwealth Sniping & Equipment 1915-1983 - Covered, excellent. Out of print, ridiculously expensive to buy online £60
Foundations of Sniper Marksmanship- Paperback, good condition, great training book by sniper instructor, especially good for stance and setup. £20

Photo on request.

Long Range Shooting Handbook- Paperback, good condition, great training book by ex-US Army Ranger, Special Ops trained, loads of great tips.£15

PM for questions or more details.

Look out for my other thread, selling collectible books on Deer Stalking and Highland Life.


Well-Known Member
Dear all,

PM's replied to. If you have sent me a PM then I have put the book aside for you and will await your reply.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and thank you for the inquiries.