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The date for this event will be announced later, but will be at the end of March.

The final event and raffle draw, which includes such prizes as a safari, will be held at the famous Powell - Cotton Museum. This is your chance to come along and talk to a group of professional hunters from Africa face to face and ask questions about organising and going on a safari, plus the chance to see the world class big game collection at this famous museum.

Keep your eye on this thread, and if needs be Pm Roo Ellis for more info.


The UK Professional Hunter's Tour

Hi all and a very happy new year to everyone!

As Malcolm has already posted up, we are organising a UK Tour where we are bringing outfitters guides and professional hunters over from Namibia, South Africa and Mozambique when we will be touring numerous venues around the UK including shops ranges clubs and so on. This is the press release that explains the whole tour a little better and will hopefully give you all a flavour for what we're up to:

UK Professional Hunters Tour 2009 – Press Release

Trophy and game hunters in the UK can look forward to an unusual treat in March 2009 when The Hunting Agency, in association with the Safari Search Engine commences the UK Professional Hunters Tour (

Whether you are an seasoned veteran of previous African Safari’s or a first-time visitor to the region, all are welcome as Professional Hunting Outfitters from Namibia and South Africa tour the UK with a hunting road-show displaying photographs and movie clips while providing advice and answering your questions before sharing stories of high adventure and a few laughs too!

Roo Ellis from The Hunting Agency explains “Our business was established on the back of my sharing my personal hunting experiences in Africa with my own circle of family friends and associates, but unless someone is already in that kind of environment, where will a first-time visitor to Southern Africa find out the essential information they need in order to make an informed decision? By bringing established and reputable Professional Hunters Guides and Outfitters over to the UK, this will allow anyone who has ever thought of going hunting in Africa to come along to one of the numerous venues, meet some PH’s first-hand and find out for themselves what opportunities and adventures await” he added.

So if you have ever wondered what a traditional open-range tented Safari is like, or what hunting on a game farm involves, this is the place to find out from the experts and with competitions prizes and the chance to win a Safari, a good time should be enjoyed by all!

Delegates attending include:

Rex Brandt – Rexes is located in the North West of Namibia within the Etosha Conservancy, in fact, part of it’s plateau forms the gateway to the Etosha National Park and as such Rexes is a fabulous location for all species of plains game and the occasional predator as well! Rex also operates over two extended territories of ‘open range’ conservancy in Damaraland and Kaokoland respectively, so if an authentic tented Safari is of interest, come and chat to Rex!

Jasper Brand – Jassie and his family operate a significant cattle business in Northern Namibia and their 440000 Hectares is shortly about to open to hunters for the first time. With a wide variety of open grassland and mountainous ‘koppies’ over which to hunt, Aimeb offers some excellent plains game hunting as well as open-range territories to the North of the region. In addition, Jassie is thought to be 2/3rds leopard due to his proficiency with problem animals and dangerous game.

Burger Oelofsen – Etosha View is situated on the edge of the Etosha National Park in Namibia and part of the Etosha pan extends into Etosha View’s estate. With stunning plains game and expansive wide-open grasslands, Etosha View typifies much of what we associate with Africa. In addition, Burger has been entrusted with a breeding herd of Black Rhino which is well worth the visit to see regardless of the excellent hunting to be had!

Jas Roberts – Jas is the owner and Professional Hunter of Mountain Tops, high in the Etosha Conservancy and bordering the National Park. Known for it’s Kudu, Gemsbok and fabulous Zebra, Jas compliments his facilities with a larger-than-life personality and great sense of humour.

Cliff Sanders – Cliff is the 5th Generation to operate from the Nooitgedacht Game Ranch which nestles in the heart of the Magaliesberg Mountain Range in Gauteng Province, South Africa. The farm was established from Ivory Hunting back in 1867 and Cliff is rightly proud of his families heritage. Cliff’s guests stay at the Ingwe Bush Camp, a modern, comfortable tented camp combining the best of both worlds and his Wildebeest are simply exceptional, as are his Nyala, Waterbuck and Giraffe.

Beyers Coetzee – Former ‘World Field Archery Champion’ and Professional Hunter, Beyers and his family operate the Mawana Game Reserve in Kwazulu Natal. Boasting a variety of landscapes to hunt over including an extensive river valley, mountains and lakes, Mawana has Elephant, Rhino and Hippo together with a profusion of plains game species for the discerning hunter. If you are interested in learning more about ‘walk-and-stalk’ bow-hunting, Beyers is considered by many to be the finest bow-hunter in Southern Africa!

Frederik Cocquyt – Belgian by birth but brought up in an Afrikaans village, Frederik and his partner Charl van Rooyen operate Infinito Safaris in South Africa. Infinito operate over some 200000 Acres encompassing desert, bushveldt davannah and evergreen forest areas and as such the range of species available is impressive. Frederik is also an acclaimed film maker and photographer and his knowledge of the local flora and fauna provides an interesting insight and added dimension for the visiting hunter.

Evert Burger – Owner of Stillerus and award-winning beef producer, Evert and his charming family welcome a very limited number of hunters to share their stunning farmhouse with them while hunting with Evert over his 10000 Hectares. Rich in local indigenous game species, Stillerus boarders the Etosha National Park and has not been marketed in Europe before. One of Etosha’s best kept secrets, stalking with Evert in search of springbok, gemsbok, kudu and eland represents a very pure hunting experience, especially as Stillerus is far from commercialised from a hunting perspective.

Chris Van Schalkwyk - proprietor of Buchholz Safaris and a native Namibian living and operating in Limpopo Province, South Africa as well as boasting a significant territory in Mozambique. Chris has been a PH for 15+ years and considers Elephant, Buffalo and Crocodile Hunts as his speciality.

Rupert ‘Roo’ Ellis – Nicknamed ‘Sir Rupert’ by the Afrikaans, Roo is widely travelled having visited and hunted with numerous guides and outfitters in Southern Africa. Roo will be on-hand to offer advice and guidance relating to travelling with firearms, obtaining permits, personal preparation and managing expectations, so if there’s something you’d like to know – feel free to ask!

In addition, where possible the UKPHT will provide a taste of African Hunting with a traditional Afrikaan’s Braii (BBQ) preparing succulent steaks from Jassie Brand’s beef herd in Namibia together with Boerwurst and a whole sheep on a spit – imported especially by our Namibian sponsors Meatco!

The tour will also provide an opportunity for visitors to win a selection of high-value prizes including Big and Plains Game hunts in Southern Africa together with a Weatherby Rifle in the calibre of the choice, some excellent optics courtesy of Zeiss and at a local level we have some fine hunting knives from Sauer – no purchase is necessary and the prize draw will be filmed at the tour finale at the Powell-Cotton Collection, Quex Park in Kent.

So if you have ever fancied going on Safari to Africa and would like to know more about what’s involved, this is your chance to find out more, straight from the Zebra’s mouth!

The following is an itinerary of the locations and events for the 2009 UK Professional Hunter’s Tour – further details can be found online at

Sat 28th Feb British Shooting Show, Newark, Notts.
Sun 1st Mar British Shooting Show, Newark, Notts.
Mon 2nd Mar Essex Field and Stream, Histon, Essex
Tue 3rd Mar The Old Lodge, Minchinhampton, Glos
Weds 4th Mar Wiltshire Rod and Gun, Swindon
Thurs 5th Mar Copy Nook Hotel, Clitheroe, Lancs.
Fri 6th Mar York Guns, York
Sat 7th Mar North Cotes Butts Gun Club, Lincs.
Mon 9th Mar Stutley Bros, Baldock
Tue 10th Mar Top Gun and Rod, Westbury
Wed 11th Mar Sportsman Gun Centre, Exeter
Thurs 12th Mar Sportsman Gun Centre, Newport
Fri 13th Mar Ivythorn Sporting, Somerset
Mon 16th Mar Sloans of Inverurie
Weds 18th Mar FA Anderson, East Grinstead
Thurs 19th Mar Garlands SG, Tamworth, Staffs
Fri 20th Mar Euroguns, Doncaster
Sat 21st Mar Adenbourne Guns, Witney
Sun 22nd Mar Taylors of Sudbury, Suffolk
Tues 24th Mar British Sporting Rifle Club, Bisley
Weds 25th Mar Quex Museum, Kent – Presentation

For further information, please feel free to contact Andrea Swain via or call her directly on 0870 872 0306.

As you will see, we end up at Malcolm's place in Kent for the prize draw but regardless of where you are in the UK - if you fancy coming along and meeting some of the chaps I go hunting with, this is your chance!

Further details are available online at,uk but feel free to either call Andrea or PM me if you've any questions. Personally I am just about to scoot back to Pretoria Windheok and Outjo so there will be a modest delay for me getting back to you if you do send me a PM.

We all look forward to meeting you and with prizes including Sauer Knives, a Weatherby Rifle in the calibre of your choice, a Zeiss Scope and 3 dangerous and plains game safaris to be won, please try and make it to the show and if you do, please introduce yourself - it would be nice to put some faces to the names!

Cheers folks,




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Hi all, just a quick note to advise that our venue on Monday 2nd March is Essex Field and Stream at Halstead, not Histon as previously stated.

Sorry for any confusion.

Best regards


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Just wanted to say, I wanted to go to this, I would of needed to drive for 3 hours from the south of Scotland.
If you do the road show again,please consider putting a venue in somewhere in between Clitheroe & Inverurie.


Please believe me when I tell you that I sincerely tried to arrange more than one Scottish venue - it's not exactly local - 634 miles each way for us, but of the seven Scottish Gun Shops that I contacted, only Rod Sloan was interested in us visiting his premises.

If you know of locations that would take our roadshow in the future, please let me know although again I should advise that I posted requests for venue suggestions on this and other forums but seriously struggled for any Scottish interest.

Still, there's always next year!

I would like to extend a huge thank you to Malcolm for the use of his exceptional venue for yesterday's prize draw though and the winners of each Safari Package, not to mention the fabulous Zeiss Scope have all now been notified.

And thanks too for all the support from members here - it was great to meet so many of you in the flesh!




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I attended the Bisley roadshow with a couple of friends and had a great time. Met some fantastic people and ate half a lamb! I hope the contacts I made will bare fruit in the future.
I was sure I was gonna win that 10 day leopard hunt! Oh well I'll try again next year.


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Mack, if I had the option of fixing it, you'd certainly have been top of the list!

Thanks for the comment mate and it was great to meet you too. For those that didn't come, here are a few pictures from the tour to give you a flavour - and we covered 6500 miles over 4 weeks in the 'Elephant' after which I slept for about 5 days! Still, that's Brandy for you!

Here's some pictures!

An early start before Newark

Halstead and our Spit-Braii attracts a bit of attention on the high street.

Steak Supper Evening at the Old Lodge

Westley Richards Toy Department with some eager young scouts!

Yours truely doing the honours at North Cotes Butts - a great day out!

Having a Light Ale in The Bear

Now THAT'S a Double! Boers at the Imperial War Museum - well, I had to take them somewhere!

Up the West End - and on your right - Soho!

Fish Supper in Aberdeen

We had a few over for lunch at the British Sporting Rifle Club!

And a picture of Malcolm stalking some Boerwors at Quex Park!

Thanks again for all those that came and supported us, it was nice to meet so many of you during the tour - and if you'd like details on the special offers available as a result of the tour, feel free to send me a PM.

Thanks again,



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Maybe Burton's had a fire?

Actually, Malcolm was the perfect host and for those that missed out, his place in Kent is something else! I remember standing loking up at the huge display case of trophy heads when I was a kid, and the ivory too - funny what you remember from your childhood huh!


Thanks again Malcolm and next year we'll see if we can organise this around a weekend so more of the members here can come along!

Best regards and thanks again,



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you are right the museum is one eck of a place with such amazing displays inside
i was blown away by it but managed to got a few pics of it all too
glad the tour went well for you
and looks like Robin snook in to :evil: :evil:
judging by the last picture :lol: