Big Pimping the 300


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I have been tinkering around at long range plinking with the 300wm for a little while...all fairly new to me
Nothing fancy, just an old Tikka 658 but it shoots well

First barrier was maxing out the 1" tube of the Zeiss Conquest at around 850yds

Solved with some 7up can shims between Optilock base and Rings and I was up to 1350 yds or so

Next barrier was the 14x zoom of the conquest was a little sketchy at range on a hot day

Cue the Scope fairy and some innovative fettling of a spare Optilock lower ring

Traded the conquest in for a 6-24x50 Sightron SIII (30mm tube, 50+50moa elevation, Mildot ret)
I then sliced a shim off the bottom of the spare optilock ring and bored out the screw recess to take the male recoil lug of the actual lower ring to create a single matched spacer to give me a decent 30-40moa incline

The result.....

85MOA elevation based on current boresight! The shim centres the scope well into the lower 50 moa range and looks to be around 35moa
With my 208gr data thats an indicated max dialable range of 1730yds before getting jiggy with the mildots
I was after a mile. fingers crossed I may have got it...when I boresight on the burglar alarm cover across from me I usually get a slightly high impact at 100yds so I hoping a few moa adjustment down to get a 100yd zero

Sightron sits well with minimal barrel gap (it is clear even with cover)

Picked up a cheap Aluminium Pic rail on eBay for a fiver, drilled and tapped a hole in the front aspect.
carved up the horrible plastic, hand stop Versapod spigot I was using to use only the Aluminium spigot only,
tapped to match, clocked to line up and mounted using the existing qr stud and one additional.
centres the mounting point further forward and closer to the barrel with a slight upward slope
when loaded forward it sits horizontally
Rubber bush for silent bipod attachment and also serves to tighten up the slop on the spigot
its still a stalking rifle

next up is the stock/chassis project......

now all I need is some free time and nice weather!