Big Roe Head Ready to Measure


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Hello all just thought I'd post some details of a big roe buck I shot in July, I'm rather pleased to say the least.
The ground is a small farm and I had not seen this chap before, but there he was early in the summer, through the bins he looked good but only got a fleeting look at him . Of coarse this got me very interested and I spent more time than usual over the following weeks on the farm trying to spot him again to my great disapointment he did not reapear and I thought that was that.
Until I popped in before work in mid July there he was , got a propper look at him..blimey even better than I thought. By now it was 8am is and I watched him enter a small copse where I was sure he would couch down for the day as is the habbit of the deer on the farm.
It was a very long day of work watching the clock, I was out there ready on the top of some silage bales in the pooring rain at 7.30pm. Starts getting dark and the farmer turns up to check cattle..bugger. Then 2 minutes after he goes out pops the big boy. I manage to compose myself and take the shot, he was a clever old boy and knew something was up.
The head is now dry and weighs about 620 grammes (kitchen scales!). Sorry about pictures from my phone, and before anyone says about the bolt the rifle was completely unloaded and I was alone.Phone Pictures Various 182.JPGPhone Pictures Various 180.JPGAutumn 2011 133.jpgAutumn 2011 134.jpgAutumn 2011 135.jpg
Phone Pictures Various 185.JPG
His teeth and coronets would indicate he was an old animal, his skull is quite small which makes the antlers look even bigger. I will be getting it measured soon, any contacts for a CIC person near the new forest/ Hants /Wilts would be apreciated. Will update as soon as I have a result.



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Cracking head.

Richard prior is in Dorset. Go onto CIC UK and his contact details are on there. If you are going to get it measured get it measured by the Roe Expert.
he measured one for me earlier this year and he is one of the worlds gents.



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Send it to RP, he is the UK authority on Roe and loves seeing and measuring Roe heads. He measured one of my Roe heads earlier this year and I recieved an excellent service. Lovely man.



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Thanks guys,
I had no idea Richard Prior was still at it someone told me he had retired and Dorset's not too far. It would be great to meet the legend himself. I'll get onto the CIC web site.