Bill the big fat oaf


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Just been watching that Richard and Judy in between reading this forum.
They have got that big fat oaf Bill Oddie on, talking about his new series.

They showed a clip about pheasants where bill was being his annoying self. Richard said to him, "where did pheasant come from originally"?
"Asia" replies Bill.
But funnily enough he didn`t really go on to say that they were introduced to this country for shooting purposes.
Well Bill, if it weren`t for shooting, you wouldn`t be able to go out and see them would you, you BIG FAT OAF. Devil be gone and cleanse thy sole :evil:


p.s I`m only waiting for the Simpsons to come on. haha :lol:


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Carpet gripper? that stuff hurts Beowulf, I once knealt on that stuff by accident and it left a hole in my knee. :cry:
But thinkin about it, I can`t think of anything better to beat the devil out of him with and some holy water thrown over him :lol:
Maybe reverand B would excorcise him to cleanse his sole and rid the evil out of his body!!! :evil:


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Hi Wadas,
'Reverend B' would just love to! First I'd exorcise those devils by first kicking him in his bird watching satchel and then baptise him in the nearest slurry filled duck pond! "Priase be to God! Heal Bill Oddie heal! Feel the power of the Almighty God Jehovah through my size 11 welly as it kicks you in the plums!" :evil: :lol:

"Do I hear an amen?"


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Grab his binos first Mr B before you throw him into the slurry duck pond, I think they are worth having, if my memeory serves me correct I think he has a set of Liecas? :lol:


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Sorry for the delay Beowulf. Been busy motocrossing this weekend.

YES, you hear an Amen brother, and, if there`s going to be any peeping at Kate humble with Big bills binos, then that job will fall to me. :lol:

I`ve just had a really wicked thought, If, when the day arrives that i work my way into Kates bedroom and we do the deed, you know :eek: , I would say to her,

"erm Kate, that was a good sh*g, but i have something to tell you",

"What ", Kate would say,

"Well, I shoot deer, foxes, and rabbits e.t.c"

Can you imagine the look on her face :lol: :oops: HAHA.


Andy L

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I think that I would say it while still on the job. Hang on tight. Be one hell of a ride. Just like telling your girlfriend that she is not as good as her sister!!

mole trapper

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It is just a shame Richard did not have the courage of his convictions and tell that idiot oddball how much he enjoys flying down to our local estate in the helicopter to go pheasant shooting with his chums. Fatboys face would have been a picture, he would have undoutably gone into his verbal diaorhea and shown joe public who really has the contorted face.


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moletrapper, I`m affraid that would not have gone down too well with the pc idiots that run our T.Vs. Had Richard said anything to tubby (BLOATER BOY ) Bill about what he does when he is not on tele, I`m affraid he would have been marched out of the studio never to be seen again, and some would probably say good riddance. It`s like a dirty little secret to some of the tele people that they go shooting and it takes the likes of Ramsey, Oliver and Wittingstall to keep it in the limelight.



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i recall afew years ago we were flighting duck and geese that were coming and going in and out of bartley green res when some guy was shouting out at us with allsorts of profanity, so on the threats of him calling the police we decided to depart with our bag and told him where to go as we left ,
i wonder if you can guess who that might of been? :evil: just our luck we went flighting on the same evening the big fat oaf came back to his roots and remenice, what a home coming he had :lol:


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Was he doing the 'Funky Gibbon' Stone? Oo..oo..oo..oo! :lol: He is great, I even know antis that hate him! Its nice that we agree on one thing at least! :lol:

I can't wait for next years Beaver watch with Kate Humble though! :eek: :???: :eek:


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we agree on lots of things, just hav not found out wot they are yet :lol:

as for this beaver mania



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Oddie has changed his tune then. He was singing the praises of wildfowlers recently.
Maybe the thick TW*T has reaslised that hunters do more for conservation than anyone else.

Oddie by name and nature