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I am feeling sick - made a whole Roe haunch worth of biltong earlier this week - it has dried out nicely and daughter and I have munched our way through it over the last day or so.

Very simple

Shoot one deer

Slice the meat into long thin strips along the grain of the muscle

Grind up 1/3 corriander seed, 1/3 pepper, 1/3 salt. If the meat is tough (say shoulder meat) add an equal amount of Bicarb of Soda.

Put strips into a dish and mix in the above - meat should be thinly and evenly covered witht he spice / salt mix. Add a good shake of worcester sauce and some red wine.

Leave to marinade for a few hours.

Then hang up to dry - I use paper clips as hooks, and hang the meat from the saucepan rack in the Kitchen, but anywhere that is dry and has airflow will work. Make sure the strips are well seperated and there is plenty of airflow, otherwise it starts to go mouldy (not what you want)

Take shotgun out of cupboard and mount guard whilst it dries - you wil have all sorts of two legged creatures trying to steal it.

After two to three days it will be ready - I quite like mine well dried and hard, but others like it pretty soft.

Best consumed in a large quantity all at once.

If you want you can add chilli to the mix for a very hot and spicy, also garlic etc.


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WOULD ATTIC SUFFICE its draughty there ! 2 /3 days will give it a go ! wife doesnt know what I am up to :lol: its the forbidden zone! and the dogs can't get it , waiting for some in the post, when a certain person sends it! :lol: :lol:


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How thin do you cut the strips. would it be an idea to "beat" the meat to thin it out

["beat the meat} I can't believe I wrote that :D :eek: :eek:


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Try the following:

1. Coarse salt
2. Grinded black pepper
3. Brown sugar
4. Worchester sause

Lay the meat strips in a bucket, and start from top to bottom with the ingredients, do a second and third layer until meat and ingredients are finished.

Keep in bucket for 2-3 days to marinade, then hang in cool dry place for 7-10 days
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