Binocular choice


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Hi all,

Hoping for some advice/opinion.

I've been looking at getting a new pair of binos and have set a budget of around £500. Having looked through various makes and models I had settled on getting a pair of Steiner Ranger Pro 8x56, with the thought that these would offer the best low light/lamping solution.

However just to complicate things I have been offered a 2nd hand pair of the older model Swarovski SLC 10x42 for a little over my budget but not much. Now obviously I'm aware of Swaro's great reputation for quality product and aftersales, however I'm not sure whether the 10x will be as suitable for the low light work.

Has anyone got any experience of using the 10x42s in low light and also what I should be looking to pay for a 2nd hand pair in good condition?

Many thanks