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I know, it's been done to death. However I have a perfectly decent pair of Minox that I'm happy with but I'm looking a pair of servicable reasonable and dirt cheap binos for my girlfriend.

She doesn't use them for stalking, she uses them for chasing sheep and the bit of string that she uses to loop them over her head caught on a sheep's horn yesterday and the sheep ran off with her binos. Honestly. She did recover them but in the process borrowed a pair and was impressed to find that she could actually see stuff out of the borrowed pair. This, it seems, was a radical departure from the ones she has.

In view of the likely standard of treatment and expected life I'm looking something dead cheap. Low light performance doesn't matter, trendy appearance isn't a factor and a bit of string is an acceptable neck strap.

Anyone have any recommendations or anything for sale 2nd hand?


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Hello mate

You could do far worse than a second hand pair of Zeiss, 8x30 or 10x50 tend to go for £50 on evilbay.




The Croc

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If you have'nt already bought a pair, try lidle's 10x50 for £15, for the money can't beat them, I bought a pair to keep in the truck, and to take Fowling