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Well you can't go wrong with Swaro's. You might want to think about rangefinder bins but I'd absolutely recommend you to spend some time peering through whatever you shortlist. I bought mine as a work leaving present about ten years ago and the shop very kindly allowed me to stand in the doorway searching shadowy areas up and down the street. I went with the ones which gave me the best results in the deepest shadow. I figured this would help in woodland conditions and interestingly the best result did not come from the most expensive.


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Give Chill123 a PM he was selling a good pair of Ziess for only £400 (Bargain)

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I have a budget of around 600 quid... was thinking of preowned swarovskis in my local gunshop.

That's what I did x2. I have a mint pair of 8x20 slc and 8x56 slcs.

For £600 you should be able to get something really good.

Oh, and Swarovski have service second to none. I bought a second hand Habicht scope and enquired about buying a cleaning cloth and bikini covers that were missing. They sent me them foc.
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Have a look at swarovski 7x42 slc around that kind of money really good binoculars, others you might want to look at include the leica trinovid range I have a pair also in 7x42 excellent glass, again you should be able to pick up a good pair for around 500 or less. I also own a new pair of zeiss hts in 8x42 and while they are truly brilliant especially in the low light, for less than half the price you really can't go wrong with any good used swaro,zeiss,leica other people on here also really rate the minox bino's though personally I have no experience with these, but with your budget you should end up with a top glass which will serve you well for many years.


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Good for you nothing wrong with getting second hand ingot my zeiss 10 x 40 t*p* from a binocular collector they were still in the box fantastic glass for less than 700 .quid and bombproof


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I have bought second hand Leica and new Minox before. No difference apart from price! I'd thoroughly recommend minox - good German bins but cheaper.