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what is everyone's preference when it comes to bipods? I need to get one for my 7x57 but am unsure whether to go for fixed or swivel or what height.

The Mole

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Harris for preference - pay the extra few quid and go for the swivel head. As for height - depends very much on your type of country and how you intend to use it.


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I don't use one.
nearly all of my stalking is woodland and my shots are from standing. i did have one on my 30-06 but i didn't like it.

It did make for some really accurate zeroing though!



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I have a fixed b-square. If I could justify the outlay, I would go for a swivel Harris, but I think it may be slightly too heavy for comfort. I already have a PES mesing with the balance on the rifle!

In all honesty, I find a bipod invaluable for keeping the rifle out of the muck at a gralloch etc, but I reckon I could get away without one if I had to.



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Swivel, only option. But what height?
I'm between the 9-13" and the 12-25", got both
and depending on where and what I shoot I'd change.

The chinese copies are built stronger than harris but the service of
harris is very good.
I just broke a harris, got it replaced. (thanks harris) but it wouldn't have broken if it were welded like the chinese copy that I also have.
I think harris or copy, one needs a bottle of loctite and they need a bit TLC.



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I'm with 300wsm, although I have found that it makes for lazy shooting and basic skills are getting lost.

Heym SR20

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I have a B-square which I prefer to the Harris as it is aluminium and much lighter.

On the hill they are invaluable, but I do find with a Bipod I faff looking for a secure and level place to set up, whereas I use to just use a sling and what ever lump of rock / heather etc that was available.

For most of my stalking now (woodland / farmland) I use a pair of garden canes for standing and sittting shots so I have taken it off the rifle, and the last couple of times on the Hill I wish I had had them with me and next time will take.

Heym SR20


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Harris swivel 12 to 27 triple extention, l mainly have it fixed to my rifle unless l know l am going to have a session in the highseat, all of my local stalking is a mix of woodland and farmland so l also stalk with sticks, so all situations are covered, weight is no problem at the moment l don’t use a mod, but l am finding more these days that l am taking far more of the sticks, l am in the process at the moment of getting a rifle that will be moded so very probably the bipod will become redundant.


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Harris, Swivel, height depends on use. i have a short one for shooting off a pick up roof and a slightly longer one on my stalking rifle. the only problem i have is when carrying the rifle muzzle up on a sling, the bipod can dig in to your shoulder, i dont know if the other models have the same problem.


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My Personal preference is a pair of sticks, any height you want, keep you upright in the rough stuff, won't sink in heather, get caught in branches and be a nuisance in general. ;)

But if you must have one, don't overlook the Caldwell, it will tilt and swivel and not be as expensive as a Harris.

I packed up using one years ago, I think they are just not worth it for stalking IMHO, but if you are doing a lot off of a bonnet or something then I suppose they might come into there own



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For mountain hunting the short swivel Harris is perfect and useful for shooting off the bonnet.
I have the 25 incher [?] but it is rarely used.

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