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Having just purchased a harris Bipod to replace a b square that proved less than satisfactory in the summer, i was wondering if anyone can comment on why harris is seen as the best? Does anyone have experience of other makes such as deben, accu shot, logun, versa pod to name a few? Why do harris products seem to cost more, for what seems like a very similar product? I would also be keen to hear any experiences with the accu shot mono pods that attach to the sling mounting point at the rear of the stock. Novice


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Harris look the best quality out of the package compared to chinese copies. Better attention to details, screws don't come loose as quick.
But!!! I had one that fell apart, the weld of the swivel broke. I am convinced that many harris have that problem and will fail in the wrong moment. The chinese copy that I have has better material in this part, is welded better and is welded top and bottom vs harris only top.
I'm not buying harris again, although harris replaced the broken one without quibble (as if they knew about the fault). I'll use the harris for light work only.

I've had a Harris bipod on my .308 for the last 5 years. It gets used and abused and I've never had a problem. Once or twice a year I take it off and clean and oil the moving parts, but that's just for my own peace of mind.

The stalker where we go in Scotland has one permanently on his rifle as well.

I've bought them for other people when I've been to the US and had never heard of any problems until I saw ejg's post.



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Honestly, i've also never heard a bad word about Harris.
Maybe they just used the wrong aluminium on one batch. I don't know.
As I said service was excellent.