Bit of a request


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My lad shot his first Stag last year. As it was being dragged back to the larder the left hand antler snapped. He was gutted, but the dealer promised they would save the broken antler so he could fix it back on. Needless to say they'd lost it when he went to pick it up, but nevertheless he kept the head and mounted it. Over time he's decided he'd really like to try and find a similar/matching antler to graft on to balance the head back up. Is there anybody on here who would have access to various antlers who would look at the pics attached and see whether they could source a replacement that would fit the bill? Obviously there would be some sort of cost which we'd be happy to cover within reason.



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Although it’s broken, the skull has its own story to tell.
don’t try a replacement keep it as it is as the story includes the broken antler.
Trying to repair it will always be 2nd best. As has been said, it has its own story. The photos tell the rest of the tale.