Bit old but allways willing to learn


Hi to all on TSD
I've been shooting for more years than I can Rember , I've been foxing with .223 for 3 years now and have been give permission to shoot roe and munjac on two of my perms , they all ready passed for 243, and vereation has gone in
Looking forward to learning from members
Atb Dave


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Welcome Dave, shot my first red at 57 and done the whole thing solo so hats off and good luck mate.
Loads of good blokes on here happy to help.
DSC1 is worth doing if you can spare the time and dosh but not necessary.


Been out a good few times now with a few lads teaching me the ropes
Ita a whole new world from foxing a good stalking morning ( nothing finer )


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Welcome, you’ve come to a good place to learn more, also to share you experience. Have a good time.