bitch supressing milk

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My young Spanieldor is expressing milk after her 1st season. Now I know that you could get tablets to stop this, but can they still be sought today or is it s trip to see dick turpin? ive tried a few places but I cant lay my hands on them.



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Hi Nutty,
Even Dick Turpin has running costs or should I say in this instance galloping costs. :)
Suggested solutions.
1: is her booster vaccination due or near in which case examination is included in this so plus cost of tablets only.
2: consultation plus cost of tablets.
3: consultation plus free prescription and buy tablets over the internet.
Unfortunately the hormones used are POM-V (Sesoral)
I would be more concerned about long term. Is she going to do this after each season ? May be a slight hormone imbalance which could be corrected by a pregnancy after the age of two.But monitor her carefully as in the long term could develop pyometra (pus in the womb) if not mated.
Just another cost of stalking.


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My 6 yr old spaniel decided to "adopt" the wifes new kittens, to the extent of lactating, it cost me £50 at the vets for some jollop to stop it.

she has now come into season, so am sorting a stud dog.

this means she will miss the first month of the season but it will be worthwhile.
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