blackberry canes

John Gryphon

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Got honked by three different unseen deer as I poked along a heavily thicketed creek edge and thought that getting honked was better than nothing or getting rained on so after the deer told all and sundry something was amiss I made a beeline to the ute instead of walking the long way around and then I spotted Mrs Sambar to be later joined by her calf that then exposed itself for 1/2 dozen berry cane fuct photos.
The calf as seen in the last pic slipped through those fallen tree limbs like an eel. I followed the way they went and caught ( ran into) the calf 150 ahead watching the back trail.It slipped me again then I saw it haring across a berry flat 300 yds up in front of me.That calf exhibited all the amazing survival traits of a superb deer species and he learned lessons today and wont stand still for a pic in the future I bet.
As usual cover precluded taking quality shots.