Blaser bipod


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Are you referring to the carbon Javelin bipod? which Blaser have taken under their wing and doubled the price?

Leave it great idea but as far as I can see its something else to fit and fiddle with and then put in your pocket for it to fall out and get lost! You cant beat a standard harris or similar fixed to your rifle where it can not get knocked off or forgotten!

Plus they are too expensive. But like everything, some people will love the idea and buy one.


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I hope to see them at the Shooting Show on Saturday, but as far as i'm aware there are only available for R8 Professional Success. I won't pay £400 for one anyhow, but i do consider the original Javelin for £175...


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Spoke to the man at the Dortmund show stand and it seemed to be a good design, the french swats have ordered 300 units after the Charlie Hebdo affair, so it seems a good product for security useage but getting it lost in the woods would be my concern too. Build into it a mobile alarm unit so that you can dial it and find it again at that price.