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I’m thinking of treating myself for a big birthday next year and am trying to find some info on the Blaser K95.
What weight are the different specs?
I’ve found a test of the ultimate carbon giving 2.4kg or 5.3lb
Can anyone help with the approximate weight of the standard ultimate and of the standard wood stocked version?


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My twopence worth, you need a bit of weight to stabilise a rifle and absorb a bit of recoil. Light rifles are very difficult to shoot well, add a light trigger and it’s damn near impossible.
Get a nice bit of stick in the stock and a less kicky cartridge than you normally would and live happily ever after.


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As 90% of my stalking is Scottish Roe i was thinking about .222 or maybe to be a bit more flexible a 6xc....or both?

Does anyone know the price add on of an additional barrel and locking block?

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New barrel for k95 has to be fitted to the action by a smith who knows how to do it. Approx £1500 for the barrel without any fitting I was told last year.


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With the standard straight comb wood stock. Have a word with Toby at Macleods- he was very helpful & knowledgeable

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If you are thinking now about different barrels then perhaps you should think of going bigger. 6.5x55 or 7x57 would not be too big for what you want and saves the cost of an extra barrel.
alternatively look at one of the other switch barrel models available.
that said I love my K95
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