Blaser r8 6.5x55 ammunition?


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Hi all

This is my first post and I hope I get some answers.

I’m basically looking for what groups best through my rifle with spending a fortune on boxes of ammunition.

I’ve tried RWS twin core 140grn and I do like them and they do ok but I was looking into trying some sako gamehead pros 130grn but I’ve heard they can be a bit hit and miss with blasers.

I wondered what is everyone else using through their blasers and if anyone has tried gamehead pros throughly their blasers and what were the results?

Thank you


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Federal Power shock 140g were grouping very well in my R8 Pro and cost about 28.00 per box


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I own an R8 6.5×55. Everything I try groups into 1 euro coin. Factory ammo and handloads.. There is only slight vertical difference between factory 100 gr FOX at about 900 m/s and Sellier Bellot Sierra Game king 140 gr at about 723 m/s. But only a a few cm. The rifle is zeroed to 123 gr FOX. So far I prefer 100 gr Fox for roe deer & long shots and 123 gr Fox for larger stuff and shorter distances. They are superbly accurate and kill like a lightning.