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Wanted: Blaser Rifle Kick Stop

waggy 1

Well-Known Member
Has anyone shot the same rifle with & without to notice how much of a difference they make ! Is difference really noticable to be worth the £££s they cost ? Thankyou in advance


Well-Known Member
My original black stocked Off-Road 7mm Rem Mag came with one that was threaded at the back end to allow a 3cm stock extension to be fitted. The stock extension is an official Blaser item.....never seen another. Looking inside it's called a "Schaftkappenverlangerung" which reminds me of the classic Goon Show response...."You do and you'll wipe it up!" :lol:

Got the barrel screw-cut and fitted a T8 which brought the recoil right down so the Kick Stop has never been needed.... but I have to hang on to it as the stock extension would be useless without it (Short arms me :lol:)

I did have a spare K'Stop but sold on here in response to a Wanted ad a couple of years ago.... I think he sold it on a few months later but I can see why you might want one on a 375HH.