Blast and drat!


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Saturday afternoon/evening saw me in a high seat for a few hours. Having seen nothing at all and the light rapidly fading I took the decision to clear the rifle and head off home to defrost.

With rifle cleared and magazine safely stowed, I took a final glance through the scope down the ride from the high seat only to see a muntjac buck leisurely stroll across at about 40 yards. Needless to say, he got across and into cover before I could reload.

Next time I'll have a bit more faith in my scope and give it another 10 minutes! That said, had I shot him and had he managed a run even a few yards off the ride, he could have been a right pain to find in the understorey.

I suppose another bit of learning for me is not to take another look through the scope once the rifle is cleared!

I guess it's all part of life's rich tapestry...

shakey jake

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they watch and wait mate, girlfriend had it happen twice the other week, first as she was about to climb the seat, second as she wanted to come down, only two seen, good luck next time
You're not alone! I once climbed out of a high seat to have a buck bolt from under my feet! It'd manage to sneak in unseen and was couched practically directly underneath me. Only deer I'd seen all day, too :-|:lol:
Wonders if a downward pointing cctv cam would be good beneath the high seats,,,, especiall for the deaf old gits around


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I dont think they do it deliberately. While stalking in we tend to be on our toes. Once we park our rump on a seat we often get distracted or less focused (or checking our phones)- and it comes to bite us.

This past fall I had a pair of bobcats directly under the highseat, only noticed them when I looked straight down. They were close enough that "snicking" off the safety spooked them. Strictly my fault for not being attentive enough.


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Had a similar experience in the hills around Galloway...… too windy to climb into the high seat as the "sturdy" tree was bending so loitered around till dusk, unloaded and headed back up to the 4X4 and bumped into two nice roe deer quietly standing five yards away, they just laughed at me and strolled off into the dusk!