Blasted squirrels


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Planted a walnut tree in my garden about 12 years ago and a month ago saw that it had around 15 good sized green nuts. First crop.

Yesterday I saw a squirrel running along neighbours fence from the direction of the tree with what looked suspiciously like a large green walnut in it's mouth.

Checked and 2 of my nuts left!! Well until the blasted blagger comes back that is.


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In my last house we had a lovely nut bearing hazel in the garden, hard up against the wall of the Estate. First year there and the tree was laden with nuts until the squirrels homed in on them and swiped the lot.
I very soon had traps out, home-made squirrel snares in place (Pike trace wire .. works ruddy well !), and made a concerted effort with the air rifle and the .410. I killed dozens and dozens of the damned things.
Hardly ever saw a squirrel in the garden again, but never got to eat one flipping nut from the hazel though as the little sods still got by everything and had them all long before they ripened.

Franchi Matt

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As already said - air rifle and a safe back stop 👍 I find squirrels tend to use the same run route time and time again, makes them fairly easy targets. We moved three years ago, neighbour has a walnut tree and the squirrels run route was along the fences surrounding my garden - all of which backs onto fields, I must of shot 10 to 15 since moving in, this year numbers have massively reduced. Tbh a walnut tree is like an ice lolly to wasps - it'll be an ongoing battle.

shakey jake

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hang a bird feeder up, any type of bird food, put a couple of traps under it baited with a few peanuts and one walnut, works all day long, whole peanuts are better than shelled but both work.
i have caught loads in gardens, one house i caught 31 in a month


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They will probably bury them in next doors or my lawn , and come back in February to dig them up. If they are still alive that is. Good air rifle the answer.


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They chewed through my gas pipe here! I lost a whole cylinders worth. Apparently its very common as the gas company offered me armoured "squirrel proof" lines as a replacement.