Bleach and shields

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Little Terry

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Where can I get a supply of hydrogen peroxide for bleaching my skull (not actually mine of course, but one of a Roe buck)!?! I have used taxidermists to prepare trophies for me in the past, but want to do it myself. I have 2 Roe buck heads that i have cut, boiled and cleaned ready for bleaching. What is the best way???

Also, where can I get a good REGULAR supply of shields to mount them on. I want to be able to get a consistent style, shape and colour. I prefer the look of the light oak ones.

any help gratefully recieved,


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Mine come up quite well using thick bleach, neat, from Lidls.
I used to use Hydrogen Peroxide obtained from my local Chemist but then that stopped and they suggested I get it from a Beauty salon or Hair Salon but I had no luck so tried the cheaper/easier option and it works for me!!
As for the shields, I had a Hobby Woodworker make me some a few years ago and have given them to friends over the years so only have a few left.

The Mole

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You can get HP at Boots or any other decent chemist. Don't bother with the super-strength pastes, use a 6% or 9% solution as bought with cotton wool directly onto the bone, leave overnight and rinse off with clean water when you get up. Perfect results every time.

Take care to get the bone as clean of flesh etc as possible after boining before you apply the HP if you want a perfect finish. And don't let the bone dry out, or it won't take the bleaching as well.
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