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Little Terry

Well-Known Member
Does anyone know of a decent online shop that I can get hydrogen peroxide from strong enough for trophy beaching?

I have tried the local boots store with no luck and can't seem to find what i'm after using a conventionsl google search.

Please help - i've got two little Roe Buck here that I wnt to get finished.

Many thanks in advance!


The Mole

Well-Known Member
The 6% or 9% stuff that Boots or other chemists sell over the counter is fine for trophies if you cover the skull with cotton wool or kitchen towel and leave overnight to soak/bleach It's also less likely to dissolve the bone if you accidently leave it too long.


Well-Known Member
The 40% peroxide from hairdressers work just fine, and now you can get it in gel form which removes the need for tissue etc.
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