Blind red calf


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I shot this calf in Nov in Sutherland , body weight was fine but it was noticible different in the herd as it was standing shaking its head , it is obviously blind in 1 eye and the blind eye was 3 or 4 times its usual size and almost purely black.


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Hi bambislayer,
Have studied your photo of the calf's eye and think this is a result of trauma of some kind as there are 'blobs' inside the anterior chamber and the actual surface of the eyeball is still curved. In the normal eye fluid from the blood passes into the chamber and it gradually passes out at the same rate so that that pressure remains the same. If this gets out of balance the pressure builds up and destroys the optic nerve. Glaucoma is the term for this. This is what has happened in this case. It would have been very uncomfortable hence head shaking