Blood getting into condensation hole in fridge


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My deer chiller has a small hole at the back, for collecting condensation. This feeds into a pipe that runs into a small container underneath.

It inevitably collects blood, which either gets stuck in the pipe or builds up in the container. And then starts to stink.

Can anyone suggest how to stop this?

I do have a drip tray, but this does not cover the hole.


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Plug the hole and factor in a regime of wiping out the chiller regularly to remove blood and condensation?
That seems like the thing to do - but I’m wondering if the collected wisdom of SD knows of clever tricks!


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Just a light weight drip tray, sat on the top step, with a stone in it to stop it falling forward.


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If the chiller is similar to fridges/freezers, the condensate hole drains to a vessel that sits above the motor/compressor/something - aiding cooling of said thingy as it evaporates.........


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Unfortunately, the base is stepped, so a bucket will sit on the forward part, but not at the back where the hole is. I do this if I have one deer, but if I have two, or a single bigger deer, it doesn’t work.
Same problem...
I use a clean brick and a plastic washing up bowl!!
similar solution...

I found a stainless steel catering tray...heavy duty baking tray...sat on the rear shelf with a block of wood underneath to support the fact it is a reconstituted plastic lumber offcut.

Catering supplies or get a local metalworker to make a tray to suit...(I have mentioned my friends at Ratho Byres to you before..)