Blood tracking LED Torches?


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Has anyone tried using a blood tracking LED torch such as the Gerber Myth? Do they assist in spotting a blood trail at dusk or after dark, or are they no better than an ordinary torch?

atb Tim


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got a ultra violet torch for showing up blood and its as bright as a politician ,far better imho to use an LED light .much brighter


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The new one from LED lender is fab, p7qc... White, green, red and blue. The blue is close to UV so really shows up organic matter all colours also run at 220 lumens on full power... Really impressed with mine

Uncle Norm

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I have found that the brightness of the LED is actually unhelpful to me. I can see blood spots best with my old 3 cell Maglight torch, that throws a more yellow(ish) light.
However since my Labrador bitch has been trained, I locate the spot, mark it and then fetch her. If I thought it was a proper runner, then I would leave it until the morning before following up.