Blood Trays - what do you use?


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I know you can buy proper blood trays from BDS/Reeves etc but what do people use in the back of their vehicles? Is there a more cost effective option? :lol:

Heym SR20

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A piece of old sitting room carpet lines the boot - sacrificial in that if it gets really mucky then throw it away and replace with new.

Then a plastic tray from Ikea - 3ft by 2ft and £5 - happily takes a Roe deer, but you do have to curl it up a bit.

I tend to use a blue Ikea bag as a Roe Sack and just dump this into the tray with beast still in it.

devon deer stalker

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I use a very large barrel cut in half which takes deer up to fallow, the reds get placed on a tarpaulin.
The barrel is a great bit of kit, if your not stalking it takes all the dirty wellies/fishing nets/fish etc


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I use a deep meat tray that I got from a Butcher. It's approximately 100cm x 60cm x 25cm. I have two of them that stack. They hold a couple of muntjac or a roe.


Paul 600

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I use a gold fish pond liner. Its rectangle and very durable. Its made by Laguna. It takes our BIG RED hinds :D

Place a plastic floor from a larder and you have a good drain. £35 from seapets, fits very iicely inbetween the wheel arch of the land rover.

The Mole

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Big blue toy box with a red detachable lid from Homebase - the lid's very handy where the box is visible from outside the car. Takes two roe easily and have had fallow prickets in it (1 at a time) but it didn't do the handles any good :oops:

2428 miles

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I dropped into Homebase last week and picked up a “Mixing Tray” for £14.
Its great, almost totally fills my boot and fits Munties in no problem.

However, a word of warning – After a successful Sunday morning stalk I lifted it out of the boot with 3 Muntjac in it and half way across the yard the bl**dy thing broke and crashed to the ground. Managed to salvage it with good old duck tape. Just annoyed I broke my shiny new carcus tray within it’s first week!

Ben P

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I use a large fish/prawn box which I found on the beach.

I sealed up the holes in the bottom with circular patches cut from an ice cream container lid and silcone sealant.

It holds 3 Roe no problem and an old door mat in the bottom keeps them off any blood collecting in the bottom.

Similar in size to the large blood tray from Bushwear but excluding my time cost me about 50 pence in sealant!

All the best



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Further to my earlier post, this is the type I use:

Food grade, stackable, meat tray:

I use the 53 litre to store the deer, with a 26 litre on top to hold my stalking kit and act as a cover when in the car. I have the bottom on a bread tray cut out to fit in the bottom of the meat tray in order to raise the carcase and allow the blood to drop through.

I can transfer the carcases from the car to the larder, butcher the deer, storing the cuts in the meat tray for final preparation (yes, I wash it first).

I bought mine locally, so saved on the delivery costs, but if people could group together then a bulk buy would make it more viable.


Pete E

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Monkey Spanker,

When I first started stalking I used a large fish crate..I was on holiday in Hastings and there was loads lying around where the fishing boats moored in the harbour and all I did was offer one of the fisherman a fiver for one..

The boxes are very strong, but what I didn't like was that because of the mouldings on them and their general shape, there was much less usable space inside them than their exterior size suggested. They were ok with Roe but i was never happy trying to cram a Fallow in them...



widows son

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plasterers mixing bath soft type plastic can be dropped and thrown about , this is about 10years old with no signs of wear at all .[/img]

Ms: thats expencive they have them for sale in the merchants for £26.00


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Old fish crates I pick up off the beach. They have holes for drainage but it's a few moments work to bung them up with silicone.

If anyone wants one and are happy to pay the horrendous cost of shipping I've got a pile here.


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Frax said:
Old fish crates I pick up off the beach. They have holes for drainage but it's a few moments work to bung them up with silicone.

If anyone wants one and are happy to pay the horrendous cost of shipping I've got a pile here.
for get the shipping
if you want to invite me up for a few days to help fill your larder
i will take the crates of your hands for free and save on the shipping costs :lol: :lol:
if you don't ask you don't get
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