Bloody BBC!

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I was watching a program the other day about nature conservation that Toyah Wilcox was hosting. The subject of Water Voles came up and how Mink had played a great deal to the water voles demise. A ranger explained the reason why he had to cull the mink for this very reason. Great so far. Toyah then went on to explain that mink had been imported to farm for their coats but had all escaped by themselves!!
So according to the BBC, Rhum Island Stags all die of old age and mink just escape without any help from the anti's.
Is it just me or is the BBC just a load of uneducated, lying, towny tw*ts!

The best bit was that the only wildlife charity that had successfully re-introduced water voles was a shooting and conservation group! The anti's had failed because they didn't hit the vermin on the head.

How can we fight against the anti's when you have the Beeb as their propaganda wing. We of course have no choice but to fund them through our tv licences! :evil:

Not happy!
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