Bloody predictive text

private fraser

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I texted one of the office girls to ask if another engineer was picking her up for a meeting.
Only the bloody phone put an l instead of a p at a crucial point and I didn't notice till it was sent. Nobody said anything,maybe it wasn't noticed.
What a difference one letter can make !


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Had a similar issue years ago when I was submitting reports for my professional review.
The secretary type pubic instead of public:doh:
Luckily my overseeing engineer clocked it before it went out the door!


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I hate predictive text.
i was texting the chief kitchen mechanic 'I love you' and it sent ' you've ruined my fecking life you cowbag'.

paul o'

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have to admit i have sent tex that sound more like a script out of allow allow :lol: productive flex !