bloody spoiling whats happening next on tv

slink dog

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Is it just me or what? it's just coming to the adverts and they say still to come or what happens next .God we don't want to know until it comes on.

shakey jake

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It does seem about a third of the programme is telling you whats going to happen or has happened and about a quarter is adverts sky plus is a time saver zip the rubbish


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What I hate most is on the final advert before some shows finish they show the trailer for the next episode and in so doing you see that a so called cliffhanger life or death moment for a character in this episode is not as they've just shown that character running around in the next episodes trailer, Strike back and Grimm are two that spring to mind.

Discovery channel is bad for shows with the what's up next bit before advert and then recap after the advert.