Blue wrighting in thread post's not sure about this

Gary Mills

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Hi Guys
Just seen in post's that I read on here that some words are in Blue and underlined
When I put the cursor on them a little box comes up with things like looking for a bar near you or things like that
Not sure where this has come from but it sure don't look right to me
Has any one else got this or is it just me


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It sounds like an addon that's loaded by your browser. It looks for key words in the text on any website you visit and turns them into links to other sites. I run all my browsers with as few addons as possible and never (ever ever) install toolbars, in order to minimise this sort of rubbish advertising. Either switch them off, remove them using Control Panel/Programs, or run ComboFix from Bleeping Computer - Technical Support and Computer Help followed by AdwCleaner and MalwareBytes from the same site.


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They are targetted marketing hyperlinks.... sounds like the Blue Oyster bar is desperate for you to become a member :D