Boar and deer shooting in Italy on own property - Good source of advice?


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A friend of mine owns a property in Italy, with significant land, and he regularly sees deer and boar there. He'd like to bag one or two for the pot. I'd appreciate a source of advice on how he might go about this.

He is a UK national. My gut feeling is that travelling with a rifle on a UK Firearms Certificate is not the best way to go, due to the bureaucracy, lack of fullbore experience and infrequency of use.

A local told him that they use shotguns for hunting. I assume this is legal and involves some kind of slug or perhaps a sabot round.

I wonder if he is best applying for SGC in the UK, buying a magnum semi-auto and travelling with this on an EFP. Perhaps he could buy and store ammunition in Italy, to avoid section 1 for ammunition in the UK?

I also believe that he may need to complete some kind of course and accreditation to hunt in Italy. That's probably a good thing, as he couldn't tell me what deer species it was.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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if it was me , I would be enquiring about doing a hunting course/cert in the country he intends to use it , this will give him all the legal answers ,seasons , minimum calibres , identification etc ,in most European countrys I believe its compulsory ,but if not it will learn him a lot , also if he has an Italian FAC ,it will cut out a lot of hassle with the airlines traveling to and fro , good luck with it , Arron.