Boar hunting in Nerw Zealand

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I went over to New Zealand 5 years ago for a hunting holiday; the hunting was on private land on the Clarence River in the South Island. The weather was good when we got there but on the second or third day the snow came down, it didn’t bother me as I think hunting in the snow is a bit special (perhaps because I don’t get to hunt in it now days as the winters don’t seem to be as cold).

The lads managed to bag a big pig but I was not at the bail so it was all done before I got there. :(

The second much smaller pig was the one I got involved with.

The morning after it snowed me my son and our guild went out after the pigs, we had hunted all morning and had given up more or less, so were about to make our way back to the hut for some grub when the dogs took off.

I am not sure what happened at first as we were making our why down through some bush but our guild knew the dogs were on a pig we could hear the dogs some were in front of us, they had hit the pig in bush on a steep hill side above the river.

I broke out the bush on to the river flat I could see the pig running down the hill side with the dogs after it I then lost sight of them I ran down the river bank towards them when I got them back in sight the pig and one dog was on the other side of the river the dog had hold of the pig by it’s ear I could not see the second dog at this point. I carried on running towards them, by now the guild was shouting at me from the hill side above me what he was saying I didn’t know because of the sound of the river by me.

I found a place to wade the river it was only about knee deep I then started to run to the bail as fast as I could, I dropped my pack so I could run faster. When I got closer to the bail I could see the other dog lying in the snow about 50yrds from the bail not moving. :'( The guild was still above me and shouting I remembered what I had been told and grabbed the pig by the back legs and after a bit of a struggle got the pig on it’s back the dog still had hold of it’s ear. Now I had a problem as I had put my knife in my pack that I had dropped oooooooooooh ****. :eek: :-[ All I could do was try to stop the pig from getting back on it’s feet, so me and the remaining dog had a bit of a battle until the guild got to me with his knife, thank feck for that when he arrived, :) he handed me the knife to stick the pig as I went to stick it the pig had one last go at me tearing my glove open but luckily it did not break my skin :-/ I stuck the pig then let it go and got out the way.

The other pig dog had by now got to its feet somewhat shakily, :) it had a wound on its neck which turned out to be a punched vein that cost a few dollars at the vet’s to get sorted once we got out the bush.

The guild had been shouting at me because he though the dog was dead and wanted me to run faster, :confused: :confused: well I was going flat out as it was, I think he was a bit disappointed that his best and toughest pig dog had been floored by such a small pig.

Once the pig had been gutted we carried it out the guild for the first hour me for the second it was a bit hard going in the snow but we got back to the hut in the mid afternoon.

I have to admit it was some of the most exciting hunting I have done, when running to the bail all I come think about was helping the dogs before they got ripped up.


The pig I didn't get to stick. :-/

rainbow over the hut.

On the day we got the big pig before the snow came.

Me and son with pig and dogs you can see blood on the neck of one dog were the pig got the better of him.

Me carrying pig.

Me and son with the dogs.****edbythefirenoface.jpg

Me celebrating a successful hunt afterwards yes I am ****ed I though I earned it. :D

The dog (with the most black on it)that held the pig until I got there was killed by a big boar last year. :cry: :cry:

Best rgds


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Sounds like I would need a bit of a fitness drive before running for the bail!
Thanks for posting that Thar. Good to read different hunting experiences.


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Good read and well done you. Bloody glad I was only reading it, the only time I ever get close to a pig with a knife is when I'm at the egg and bacon :eek:



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good account Thar
just been speaking to a fella who went last year with the same outfitt best trip ever, he is just waiting for his trophys to come back but recommends it to anyone, they shot over 100 animals of various species between them on their trip


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My next trip is booked for this year, soooo looking forward to it. :D

Best rgds

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