Boar hunting trips in Germany


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Having read a couple of posts on this forum about European boar hunting trips, I would be interested to know whether it is possible for a UK hunter whom has basic hunter training (DSC1) to join a boar hunt in Germany? I appreciate that there may be a fair amount of additional work involved with applying for permits/licensing but it is an ambition of mine to join a traditional German boar hunt in the future and I feel for a bit of extra admin it would be well worth the hassle. I would appreciate any guidance on how to go about doing the ground work to get on a shoot.
You will almost definitely be required to attend a range test shoot if taking part on state forestry events,sometimes a Schiesskino visit is enough,you will need an invitation either from friends or a booked hunt with a provider, A visitor Jagdschein stamped up by the local hunt area representative, think it was 70 Euro's, possibly non toxic ammunition dependant on where the shoots are, minimum .270 Win, DSC1 was OK last time I attended, L2 was not requested, You would do yourself a bonus if you could attain a Boar cert with B.A.S.C., And fly with Easyjet or go through the pipe.
I know it is not the country you asked about but people often overlook France. Easy to get a visitors license - just contact the local Hunting association and even have hunts organised by their version of the forestry commission which you can join for around 200-300 euro a day. It is not "wild boar fever" but you are likely to get a chance of a shot at boar or deer and experience the whole event.