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.With the new gas issues coming into play it would be advisable to look into alternative fuels ie ground source and air pumps .The initial outlay is large but the long term is no gas bills that are set to rise massively .
My plumber said my boiler would cope with hydrogen, which could replace natural gas

shakey jake

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new green grant coming in april, if the same applies as we got last year half the price of install up to 5g covered plus we get £270 back a quarter for running it for 7 years. with our solar our costs after 7 years will be very low


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All plumbers I know now use ideal for their unbeatable warranty. We’ve subcontracted out mechanical packages for new build projects which the client has specified Worcester Bosch. On two sites using two completely different models we had to replace 5 boilers under warranty as faulty from manufacturing. Most companies Ive dealt with would not use them anymore.

Even staunch valiant installers now recommend ideal for price and warranty.