Bolt misfeeds


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My Mauser action Rigby .275 occasionally misfeeds- the bullet tip travelling too high and then fouling, jamming the bolt. I'm not sure what causes this on an occasional basis. Is there merit in loading the rounds further forward, or back, in the magazine?


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I'd be interested to hear from others on this point too. Got a heym sr40 (which I understand is a mauser type action) which feeds very un-reliabily.



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I have a Steyr 243 and sometimes have the same difficulty. I just push the bolt reasonably slowly and if it happens at least Its easy to remove the offending round as its not jammed in tightly.
I just wonder if its wear on the top rim of the magazine allowing the round to rotate upwards at the bullet end too much.


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It's a mauser
have you tried cranking the bolt like a man possessed as if the advancing hoards are coming over the top of the trenches towards you?

otherwise Bullets rising too quickly can be caused by too much Spring pressure in the floorplate or mag and/or dragging on feed lips of mags and/or bullet profile, especially sharper ballistic tips snagging

i always aim to have the case seated as far back as possible although the recoil will shift them forward


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I suspect that the OAL is too long for your rifle? Shorten the OAL and everything will be fine. Obviously it will require you to tune a new load though!


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Everything bewsher and baguio say is good advice. I will add from personal experience,instead of loosing length on the bullet, use a bullet with a round(er) nose. and feed with gusto:D as ed says.. Berger bullets are some of the most accurate bullets I have used,but also the most troublesome...

Try compressing the follower spring between outings by wrapping it compressed with masking tape or similar,or fit a weaker spring.

Make sure there is enough of a gap between the bolt face and ejector. If this gap is tight it will cause the round to to lift up at the nose when picked up on its way into the chamber. You should never slip a round into the chamber in front of the bolt. The Mauser is not designed to this and will only goose the ejector unless some work has been done to the ejector to accommodate this by a gunsmith...NOTE..Please DO NOT use a live round to check the gap... :scared:


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Sounds like sound advice bewsher- it doesn't happen on the hill when rapidly recycling in case a follow up shot is needed, just on the range etc, and particularly when very quietly and slowly chambering a round pre final stalk. I thought that was just luck, but I'll try a 'Zulu style' at all times and see if that helps! I'll try packing one less round in the mag as well, to ease the spring. I had thought it might be exacerbated by my fairly blunt nose rounds, but from what you say 'pointy' rounds might be as bad.

I dont home load baguio- partly because the rifle can produce such good groups with Sellier and Bellot 140Gn at £20 a box, I don't need to.

All very helpful- thanks.


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My Sako does this from time to time, was never sure why so thanks! Another reason for me to start home loading perhaps.