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Hi all. Has anyone come across my problem and if so how is it resolved.. Out shooting with my Anschutz 1416 22lr, fired a shot and cycled the bolt. Next thing I know, the bolt came out of the back of the action and hit me in the nose. I put it back in and dry cycled it a few times, everything ok. Reload and what do you know, same again, bolt out the back. I've had the stock off and cleaned the lot down, checking the lug thing that keeps the bolt in and it looks like its not returning every time. The spring on the side looks to be in one piece and when the lug returns, it looks in good shape. Any advice.. cjs


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Are you able to post a few pictures?

As you say the bolt should lock up at the rear c/o the upper section of the bolt handle so something is very wrong.

Dont use it again until sorted.



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I have just returned a Annie 1517 because hte bolt kept on coming out of the back. On mine it was because i could put the safety catch half on half off once the action had been fired (this shouldn't be possible). The safety wouldn't go all the way back unless the bolt was cocked. Out of habbit I kept putting the safety to this central position after firing and then when I reloaded the bolt would come out without using the bolt release catch. Also with the safety in the half position it would not recock the bolt once it was back in and the bolt was cycled. Like yours the bolt would stay in for a few cycles and would then come out again at random if the safety was left in the I between position.

I was concerned that the safety could accidentally be nudged into this central position when manipulating the bolt.

Spoke to Philip at ruag today and he says it sounds like a fault with the safety. The rifle was built in 06. I have sent off for a variation and returned it to the RFD. And will hopefully get a refund towards another rifle.
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