Sold: Bonart Stalking Smock size XL - unwanted impulse purchase £55.00


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This was an unwanted item bought on a whim at, if I remember correctly, Weston Park or some other "Game Fair" maybe some five or near ten years ago at and was taken home tried on and never worn again. It was being sold as surplus stock on the last day at a bargain price. But a thing like that it seemed a good idea at the time.

I don't like a garment that I cannot undo the front of to "cool down"! Been in my wardrobe ever since and recently re-discovered. But for those that do like these smock type garments it is a Bonart olive green soft fabric smock, size XL, and as shown...the actual item you will win photographed on a sunny day.

Price of £55.00 includes 2nd Class Recorded Delivery postage and packing within the UK. Or can of course be collected. Cash, Paypal or bank transfer whichever is easiest for the buyer to action.