Bonding a wild pup.

John Gryphon

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Mates going to keep the dog pup for a bit.
It drinks milk out of a porcelain bowl and eats out of ones hand. I was cutting soft meat from a hanging sambar stag and feeding the little gannet today as much as it could eat.
For all the wool on it the little rat is rather thin and it was hungry.


Milky chin.





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Hi John

Cute fellah - sure he will along good/proper, with Unc John in background!


John Gryphon

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I tried to convince my mate to take the $120 as the little **** will cost him a lot in damages later on. He knows best...ha ha I cant wait to see his leather sofa in a months time!


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Any precedents for from wild to domesticated?
Looks like the pup is a husky cross - worth keeping - poacher gaekeepr thing later maybe?

John Gryphon

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kes the same mates Bro is giving him heaps..reason is that my mate has reared one before and it ended up having to be wanted to kill everything.

He sent me a poor quality ph pic a while ago,its on the sofa with the GSP....phaaaaark!