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Hello could you more experienced members tell me what type of bone saw they use and where can they be purchased from.Also is there anybody in the North Yorkshire area willing to show me how to butcher a carcase,Happy stalking everybody


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hi chris
i use a bone saw from a locall butchers suppliers( large hacksaw with a bone blade in it) as for cutting up your deer dave stretton does a cracking dvd on butchery but if you are ever in my area (nec/coventry) and you or i hav a carcass on board will be most willing to show you the how i skin and butcher even make sausages and burgers my recipe only
many reagards stone


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I go to scobies direct for saws, knives etc,IMO if you can joint a rabbit you can butcher a deer , the bits are larger thats all, if its for your own consumption it wont matter if you make a cut in the wrong place , go for it, this site may help , no doubt there are other sites with better info, but it gives an idea of the cuts / joints.

The Mole

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I use a butchers bone saw - you can get one at most decent kitchen kit shops. I know a few of the stalking suppliers sell them - Jagersport, and probably Bushwear. In the field I use a Sagen for breast bone work. Excellent bit of kit - and unlike the others I've seen it has a bright orange handle so you don't put it down & lose it.


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Hi chris
I use the bone saw available from bushwear. Its about 10 quid i think & find it very useful. Also David stretton does one that is equally as good but costs double when i last asked him about it. His equipment is very good tho. Try the bushwear one, I dont think you will be disapointed & at that price if you lose it youll not break the bank buying another :D


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That just about summed up the subject pretty well Pete. Butchers saw for larder work and a T handle job for in the field. I use the Bushwear one and find it gets the job done and doesn't break the bank if you misplace it.
I think Dave Stretton is booked again for the Yorks branch BDS meeting next September


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Hi Chris,
Did you manage to get hold of David Stretton's DVD. If not I may be able to get you a copy. Its the least I can do since you sent me a reloading DVD. :D ;)


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I had a look around for this DVD too but couldn't find it. If you let me know where one can buy it that would be great


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JC43 said:
no doubt there are other sites with better info, but it gives an idea of the cuts / joints.

How dare you that man, surely this is the cream of the crop with all things to do with stalking. 8)



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you wont find it sp4rkman its in the catalogue.i phoned to order them mate.i told them i couldnt find them an they said they are waiting to get the site a bush saw and the bush knife.
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