book / info on types of cut for venison


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Not sure if this should be in here or in the general section but it seems more relevant to here to me.

Is there a book i could buy that explains every cut it is possible to take from different parts of a deer i.e. the neck, shoulder, loin, haunch etc

So it would explain that a neck could be a roast or casserole and a flank could be minced or stewed etc.

I always stick with the same cuts when i prepare and i fancy trying different things with it.



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Hello David. I think there is a link on here somewhere for butchering venison, but i do mine in the same way as i would butcher a lamb.
I`ll give you some pointers as to what i use mine for-
LEGS. Whole or halved for roasting or boned and steaked for bbq`s.
SHOULDERS. Whole for roasting or can be boned and minced for burgers or sausages along with any other trimmings.
(If you know your butcher, ask him for advise about removing the shoulders from the ribs leaving the scrag eye on the shoulder or you can use the whole scrag for casseroles or roast the scrag eye on its own. Sorry if i`ve confused you on this one)
CHUMPS. Roasted with the bone in or boned and steaked. (You only get 2 or 3 decent small steaks out of each chump)
LOINS. Roasted on the bone or take the whole strip of the loin out, cut into 4-6 inch pieces wrap the loin along with some creamy stilton cheese in smoked back bacon. Cook to medium in tin foil in the oven.
BREASTS. Burgers or sausages, when you have 4 breasts you can lay them out, overlapped cover with apple and herb stuffing and roll them. Roast very slowly.
Or more often than not, feed the breasts to my ferrets.
A trip to your butchers for a lesson in return for some venison is a good idea.


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Nicola Fletchers 'Ultimate Venison Cookery' could be worth a look. Good book, some info on cuts of meat plus plenty of recipes.