Book recommendations on stalking


Can anyone recommend a good book for someone that is starting out in the sport like myself please ? Quite a few out there to choose from to be honest!

paul o'

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2p worth
There are lots and to be fair why not try to go out with some one with or with out the rifle ! hands on real life is far better than sitting looking at the page of a book even though info is key ,there are lots of outfits on the site that could help you out and pos would not charge that much if anything for a walk maybe on a recon for a forth coming clients outing and as you may just turn out to be a future client


Thanks for the reply Paul, i do intend on getting some hands on experience by going on a few stalks with an experienced outfit over the next few months, it's just that I do also enjoy some reading material for the winter evenings in front of the log burner, at the moment I'm getting myself up to speed with the legislative side of things and deer identification etc. there's a lot to take in but it's all very interesting.