Boot scrubber


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Apologies if this has been covered before, but I couldn't find any related searches.

Sunday mornings drive me nuts.

My weekly chore of cleaning muddy boots in the garden with a scrubbing brush and a hose. Getting covered in mud, water and all nature of farm animal defecation.

Does anyone have any experience/recommendations for a boot scrubber preferably with either an attached hose connection or water carrier. Then hopefully boots could be cleaned relatively quickly after each use.



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Thanks Willie_Gunn and Norma308,

I had seen these and liked the idea of being largely enclosed with the brush top to hopefully stop water splash.
Norma, do you have any idea how long the brushes lasted?

Thanks again guys.

norma 308

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Brushes lasted about 5 seasons but don't forget that's a lot of boots washed every week during the season we have a boot scraper next to get the worse off first