Bore guide


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Looking to buy 1 of the above for a. 222. 243 think I need a special 1 for a. 17 Hmr and a ruger 10/22 but can't use 1 for that any suggestions


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Don’t think you’ll find one to fit all those - 243 and 308 can share but not 222/243.

Possum make good ones, and some are available in aluminium but can’t remember make - expect to pay around £30 each.


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Second Shooting Shed for aluminium bore guides. Have 2 of theirs for my TRG's.
Third for the Shooting Shed. Dave will sort you out at reasonable cost but you will need to buy a stack of O-rings for the chamber seal as they don't last that long imho. I've gone through several over three years use.

Cheaper and just as good are the Delron custom ones that Matt at HPS makes. Give him a ring, talk about the requirements and he'll make one up for you probably cheaper than the Shooting shed ones.