Bore tech eliminator


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I have owned a Steyr ssg for a number of years along with other firearms but about 2 months ago i decided to switch to bore tech eliminater as my usual cleaning solvent had ran out.
I allways pride myself on maintaining my equipment and cleaning the bore on my rifles is one such thing !
So after being surprised at how many patches came out blue using bore tech and proof posative jags i doubted the effectivness of my previous methods !
It states on the bottle once jags come out clean to run a wet one down the bore as it contains a "short term" rust inhibitor.
4 weeks later i decided to use this rifle as as allways i look down the bore to check for obstructions and was horrified to find the whole length of the bore had seriously corroded !
Has anyone else had this issue and now in hindsight wish i had ran an oiled patch down after.

Red stag

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As said just use light oil!
My opinion only but I feel we can all get sucked in with all these products that are so amazing .
I have been cleaning my rifles over the last 30+ years with normal 3in1 or wd40 or youngs with no probes.