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Well I have had a few **** months, so last night thought bigger it, I will go shooting this morning before we throw a party tonight for the kids.

So last night ring up old man to say that I'm off stalking early in morning and if he wanted meet me about half 9 and we would have a walk around the rough ground and copses for a few birds.

So 6 this morning I gets up and me 6year old boy wakes up and wants to come, thought what harm can he do, so I agree, leave a note for the wife to tell her the lad is with me, get the car all loaded up and at half 6, me the lad and dog are heading to ground for first light, stopping off at the services to buy coffee croissants and other stuff for breakfast.

Heading off, I have one excited 6year old boy, so I'm giving him a little talk as it's his first time, like, got to be quit and always got to stay behind me and listen and stay wherever I say as it's dangerous.

We get to the land and get ready to head off after letting dog out for a pee, stalk across first field and sounds like I have a heard of elephants beside me, but he was so excited and happy to be there I did he have heart to tell him to be quieter so off across next field, look across to another field there's 4 roe, 2does 1 with 2 young and one barron, so show me boy, and the beam he gave me, wow it was better than I had ever seen, I gave him the binoculars while I crawled in 50 or so yards to get about 150yards away and take the shot on the barron.

Doe drops on the spot and my lad was so excited to go, but tell him we have to wait 5mins to make sure she's dead.

Well we wondered over and started the gralloch on her and explaining the different nodes and different parts and why we check and bleed her, and he was taking it all in and so interested in it and how much he remembered just after one gralloch I was so shocked.

So we drag the doe back to the car and hand her in a tree near the car, swap rifle for shotgun and meet up with old man and off we go with the dog looking around the rough fields, (before anyone says out, I have a metal case with 3locks on it chained twice to the back seats of the car in the boot which is also parked right outside the farmhouse). Of we go across first rusty field half a dozen snipe get up, and bang up goes gun, and down comes my first snipe, now my lad is excited beyond excited. Off to the next field, and probably 20 odd snipe go up and another 2 down. Off now to couple of copses and a few woodcock put up but only one was shot. A few pheasants were also put up but only one was shot.

So seeing me lad with me old man beating and shooting and the beam on his face today was priceless and one I will cherish forever.

Sorry it's long..

Happy New year all hope 2019 is all you want.

Atb Matt



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1st class!
What really makes it is the fact that it was spontaneous. You could never have planned it so well.
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I bet granddad was as pleased as you, He would have taken you out in similar circumstances surely? Well done all, three generations enjoying our sport. Thanks for sharing.



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What a pleasing story. So glad to see him get out with both Dad and Granddad.

Please - don't take this as criticism - but now that he is interested, do get him some hearing protection. I was a zealot about hearing protection for my children and any friends that came along - dont want them to end up partially deaf like me.