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Sold: Brand new British army MTP windproof trousers - big 90/96/112 size

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Brand new unissued - I have removed them from original packaging and tried them on.

My mother meant well but even though I am 6' 4" and 16 stone they are too big in every direction :rolleyes:

I have a lot of time for the British army gear for hunting, at least where cammo is permissible.

How does £20 delivered sound ?

Thanks for looking :)


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Are these a goretex over trouser?
Hi Phil

No, these are the trouser counterpart to the windproof smock, not Goretex.

Warmer, they shrug off a light shower or if you wash them in TX they can cope with a little more. Not waterproof though, but a great option for fishing and shooting.



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II'll take them please, paypal ok?
PayPal is fine thanks - I will PM you the details in a sec :)

EDIT: no worries - if they aren't right they aren't right.

In the interests of clarity these are measured as follows: leg/waist/seat

Still for sale !
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